Dry Fasting

Dry fasting is the ultimate practice on earth that can achieve healing, balance and ascension. This is a practice for the patient, the devoted and the ultimate seeker. 

Water Fasting

Water fasting is an intermediary practice that will allow you to heal without the strenuous feeling of dehydration. It is safe, healing and age reversing. 

Selective Food Fasting

This is really where one begins. Fasting means abstaining. Abstaining can be achieved by refraining from intake of  any food you think is hurting you. This is a good start.

Sex Fasting

Sex is a practice that bonds us to another human being. A human being is a world. In a world of partner confusion, sex abstinance can provide an unbelievable feeling of clarity and self-confidence. 

Electronics Fasting

In a world drowned with unseen waves and imaginary social media lives, it is a wonderful practice to disconnect from it all and see how much of it is really you and how much of it is just imaginary.

Fasting beyond just abstinence

Different humans abuse different food intakes and practices. Fasting is saying "no! I'm in charge! I can stop this now! Nobody is in command but me!" Regain power over your life and watch yourself rise. Find out what lies beyond it all.