Grocery List. Lista de Compras.

Disclaimer: these are only suggestions for what you can shop for to eat.

Noticia: Estas son solo sugerencias de comidas que puedes comprar y consumir durante la transición a tu nueva vida.

Must-haves for beginners (advanced can use this too):
Debes de tener para principiantes (para los avanzados también):

Coconut oil. (Raw organic virgin and unrefined preferred).
Aceite de coco. (Crudo, virgen y orgánico y sin refinar es mejor).

Butter (best if grass fed, but regular will do for the beginning stages).
Mantequilla (es mejor que sea pura de vacas que han pastado hierba, pero sino cualquiera está bien).

Flaxseed (ground or whole).
Linaza (molida o entera).

Psyllium husks (to use as fiber).
Cáscara de psilio (para usar como fibra).

Heavy cream (coconut or cow’s milk cream).
Nata (de leche de vaca o de coco).


Unrefined olive oil (use very sparingly).
Aceite de oliva sin refinar (usar muy poco).

Unrefined toasted sesame seed oil (so flavorful!)
Aceite de sésamo tostado (un montón de sabor).

Eggs (if you don’t have problem with eggs, they trigger my candida, I don’t know about you. I stopped eating them :-()
Huevos de pollos que han estado libres y comiendo comida natural (si no tienes problemas con los huevos, pues cómelos. Si tienes cándida, pues no lo recomiendo. Yo dejé de comerlos hace casi un año).

Chia seeds.
Semillas de Chia.


Animal proteins:

FISH: All kinds of fish, especially fatty ones such as Salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna.
MEAT: All kind of meats, especially wild and grass-fed. Slowly get away from farmed animals. (if you can get wild game, get it!) I personally don’t recommend pork because doctors now use pork body parts to transplant onto humans. No, Thank you!
POULTRY: All kinds of birds, especially free-range and wild. Slowly get away from farmed and caged animals. (if you can get wild hunted birds, get them!)

Never eat chicken breast. It is an atrophied muscle. Chickens don’t fly, they’re not supposed to have a big breast. Ducks fly and they have small breasts because they exercise it a lot. Wild geese, pheasants, wild birds of all kinds are better, but if you can’t find any then free-range chicken will do for now. Try to eat muscle meats, they have ligaments and lots of collagen and other nutrients that . If you dare eating internal organs, then more power to you! I do 🙂

Leafy greens:
(I personally consume 10 to 30 cups of greens to avoid carb cravings!)

All leafy greens including: cabbages, chards, kales, spinach, lettuces, cilantro, parsley, basil, dandelion, watercress, all types of sprouts and shoots, radicchio, Chinese broccoli, bok choi, mustard greens, collard greens, all edible greens & edible flowers too.

(always read how many carbs each serving has and do the math)

Broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, garlic, zucchini, mushrooms, spaghetti squash (avoid sweet squashes unless you’re just starting the weening of carb process), asparagus, fennel, artichokes, jicama, okra, peas, tomatoes, pumpkin, carrots, Brussel sprouts.

Low sugar fruit:
(always count the carbs per serving if you want to be in ketosis)

Dragon fruit. Strawberries. Kiwis. Grapefruit. Watermelon. Papaya. Elderberries. Guava. All citrus fruit.

Foods that are yummy but won’t let you lose weight:

Milk, cheese, yogurts (these are very mucus-forming foods, try to quit them for 5 months to let your intestines clear up then add them but not as a daily food, but rather a treat from time to time, remember dairy is for baby calves, not for humans). All kinds of nuts including walnuts, almonds,

Treats you can afford once in a blue moon:

Yogurts (without any added sugar). Nuts & seeds. High sugar fruit.

Foods to stay away from:

Wheats and wheat derivatives. Corn and all of its forms and derivatives. Diet this and diet that! Chemicals such as xylitol, aspartame, etc. If you want to sweeten your life use whole leaf stevia and keep in mind it’s a contraceptive for both men and women! If you’re trying to get pregnant stay away from it.

Foods to break your diet with if the cravings go crazy, you’re PMSing, or you’re just bored:
(get back on your ketogenic diet as soon as you feel better, don’t worry, you’re still eating healthy even if you break your diet, it is impossible to be 100% ketogenic because this society is drug addicted (sugar) and everybody around you is a dealer! I mean dealing sugar 🙂

Figs (fresh or dried). Dates. Bananas. Apples. Pears. Papayas. Oranges. in other words: all kinds of fruit and dried fruit but choose watery fruit with low sugar content best. I suggest you sprinkle some cinnamon on an open apple and stick it in the oven for 40minutes.

Potatoes (watch my “keto potato” video here) and all starchy veggies are great to break your diet with. Always add sour cream or butter on top in moderation. Yams, taro root, legumes (all kinds), rices (preferably with fiber such as brown rice or wild rice), quinoa and all similar grains.

FAILURE IS PART OF SUCCESS. If you slip and eat sugar, it’s fine! You’re just like me. I did it often, I do it less now. We’re just humans. Together we’ll achieve abolishing our drug addiction (sugar) 🙂